Happiness is Groupon and a good book!


Ok, first off let me confess…I am becoming aware of this pattern in my life.  I find that I get excited about a new project or goal and I jump in both feet, carried along by the momentum of the “newness” of it all.  Unfortunately, the “newness” carries me only so far-for abbooout three days!  Same goes with starting this blog.  I don’t know why…I enjoy the process, the possibilities, and the anticipation of waiting to see how the Universe and you will all respond.  Bad Lisa!  I apologize!  I will work on it, and so here it goes….smile!

When Groupon first came out, I was hooked!  I said, “Check out all these opportunities to try something new, for a discount!”  So, I purchased the Groupon for the Hot Air Balloon Ride and the Whale Watching for my birthday.  I even tried Thai Massage!  I did not continue with the Thai massage, but luckilly I found a super great massage therapist who also does acupuncture!  (The acupuncture was a first time experience as well).  The above picture is from one of my latest adventures. I decided to try out L’Amande cafe in Beverly Hills.  Now, its not that close to home, took about 45 minutes to get there, but I had a few days off from work with nothing really planned, and figured I might as well go. To justify the distance, I told myself I may even head over to the beach afterwards-why not?

Long story short-I did not make it to the beach, but I did succeed in breaking up the routine and get out of my neighborhood.  The staff at L’Amande was very pleasant and I ordered a very yummy Veggie Panini and bought some pastries to take home.  I chose a table outside.  I ask you, “What is better than al fresco dining?”  So, I sat down and pulled out my latest read, “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter.  Very fun and quirky book-check it out!  Anyways, you know how when you are out with friends for lunch and you see someone sitting alone with a meal and a book?  Do you feel bad for them, thinking they are lonely, or do you think they are fully enjoying themselves?  I prefer to imagine they are fully enjoying life, not afraid to eat alone, and not looking to anyone else to fill them up or keep them company.  When dining solo, it is always good to have a nice book handy.  Sends a positive message-more so than eating lunch while scanning the old IPhone!

Anyways, I bring this up because I realize for a lot of people out there, you wouldn’t even dreeeaaam of dining alone!  Well, bring a great book, or a laptop even!  The other day I spotted a lovely woman dining alone (again al fresco), perusing her laptop with this glorious plate of salad ala Green Street Restaurant!  She was clearly enjoying herself as she idly picked at her salad engrossed with whatever was on her computer.  She did not look the least bit alone.  She looked like she was fulfilled and focused on something on that computer screen which she was passionate about (ok, maybe she had a work deadline to meet, but you get my point!).

Don’t let the lack of companionship hold you back from enjoying all the great eateries that appeal to you!   Don’t let the lack of a partner hold you back from Hot Air Ballooning, or Whale Watching, or trying out a new spa for a massage!  Enjoy your own company, enjoy the opportunity to engage with staff and strangers sitting next to you in a cafe.  Do not wait!  Make a plan to try out that place you have always wondered about.  Its perfectly fine to invite a friend, but if that friend cannot join you, go anyways.

This is your life, and your canvas awaits.  Color it in…

PS -Listening to Songza- Rainy Day Indie.  Currently playing, “See the Light”, by Sparklehorse


One comment

  1. darkinkling · November 18, 2014

    Love this. Alone-ness is not the same as lonesomeness. But I think the world ain’t too nice to people doing things alone, so to enjoy the state of being alone requires training and a paradigm shift.


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