“Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing, but both are on the rise….is “Meetup” the answer?



“Loneliness and being alone are not the same thing, but both are on the rise. We meet fewer people. We gather less. And when we gather, our bonds are less meaningful and less easy…” from Atlantic Magazine , written by Stephanie Marche, April 2012.


So, I stumbled upon this article earlier in the summer and saved it with the intention of adding it to my “one day…” blog.  Very interesting article because frankly, I didn’t realize so many people struggled with loneliness-except me!  Surely everyone else is super-connected, with all the FB postings and “Friends” lists, and countless selfies to share with….someone, right?  I must say though that I feel like I am in good company, but what does one do about this pervasive feeling of being alone too much of the time?

I am an only child-this makes it easier and harder to manage those feelings.  Easier, because only children are more adapted to being by themselves than others.  Harder, because even though only children want to have more social connections, some times it is difficult to make those connections, and too much social interaction is just, well, too much for comfort.  Yes, I do enjoy my time alone, I enjoy the space and freedom, but there is a balance.  Too much alone time, is too much time in my head, and that can spell trouble!

So, what to do?  Yesterday, I deactivated my FB acct- I don’t like FB, I do not use it, so finally after talking to a friend who also deactivated her FB, I decided to as well.  So how do I connect, and maybe even make new friends?  Well, living in Los Angeles, I have stumbled upon “Meetup”.  Wow!  Look at all of these opportunities to meet people, sharing common interests and activities together!  One could really get caught up and fill their calendar with the series of groups that have organized since its inception.  So I browsed a bit, and “joined” a few, and now will have to commit to attending a function or two and see how it goes.  I did try a few events a year ago, then lost interest, but now I am ready to try again.  I tell myself, “Lisa, if you want things to change, if you want life to be different, you gotta get out there and do something different..”  So here I go.  Posting this also kind of holds me accountable to attend a few events, so I can report back on the outcome.  Perhaps some of you have tried “Meetup” events, perhaps this article resonates with you in some way.  Feel free to share….


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