“So there I was, hard at work one day when…”


“So there I was, hard at work one day, when….”  I snapped this picture a few months ago and just have to share.  I work at a hospital and one day I was holding a door open for a patient to be brought in via gurney, when suddenly I heard the most faintest of sounds…so unfamiliar, yet so compelling.  Not sure where the sound was coming from, I glanced down at the sidewalk outside the entrance and all I saw was this bug!  The gurney is rolling in, and sure enough, that sound is being made by this insect!  This tiniest of creatures is emitting a warning, surely a survival mechanism of sorts.  Howww cool is that?  Now if you are like me, you adore nature and you become absolutely enthralled at all of it myriad wonders.  Being thrilled with my discovery, I took a quick snapshot then did another of my favorite things-I GOOGLED IT!  Yup-and sho’ nuf, this bug had a name, or a couple names for that matter.  I shared my discovery with coworkers, who were only mildly interested-I cant understand why!

So, I share this story tonight, because I am sure I am not the only one out there that gets a kick out of nature, and like a child, delights in new discoveries.  “Have you ever heard a Hissing Beetle?  Do you wonder about the adaptation strategies of flora and fauna-and “insectia” for that matter?”  I say we should never lose our childlike wonder, and we should strive to instill this curiosity and wonder in our children.  What would life be like if we stopped noticing the smell of eucalyptus in the air, or orange blossom for that matter?  Are you recalling those smells now?  What if we tuned out the gentle sound of the wind chimes suspended outside our windows?  What if we never had another rainy day to break up the monotony of hot and sunny summers, and we forgot that glorious and distinctive fragrance of pavement still damp after the rain?  And what if we never stopped and stared in awe at each new full moon every month on the horizon…?

To share more of the wonders of nature, I will leave you with a link to one of my favorite sites, TEDtalks.  Just viewed this segment called, “Underwater astonishments” http://www.ted.com/talks/david_gallo_shows_underwater_astonishments

Sooooo cool!!!!

Find something in nature to delight in, do it right away, and please share it with us all!

listening to Songza-Mellow Indie…currently playing….”Long Night” by Guster





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