Single woman in an IKEA world

LIATORP sofa table

LIATORP sofa table

Ok, shopping at IKEA is akin to shopping at Target for me, or even the 99Cent Store-only potentially more costly!  When shopping at IKEA, I have to ask myself, “Do I reeeaaaally need another white bath rug?”  “Really?”  The answer is no, so I put it down.  Stick to the plan!  Wow!  The item I am looking for in Burbank, is sold out-but is still available in Covina, some 35-55 minutes away, depending on what time a day you hit the road.  Skipping rush hour traffic, I go after 8pm.

The real point of this conversation is to address the challenges of a single, independent woman, attempting to decorate her apt with ‘build it yourself’ furniture.  First thing to consider, “Is my car even big enough to carry the thing?”  Or, “Can I get someone to pick up this oversized and very heavy box and place it in my car?”  “Can I close the trunk?”  I dont know about you, but many a time, I have stood in the aisles staring off into the distance a looonggg time as I have pondered these logistics.  I admit as well that I have walked away before, discouraged, because not only do I have to get help to lift the box into the car, I also have to think, “What the heck am I gonna do when I get it home and cannot carry it by myself up to the second floor?”  (And why don’t they design lil “finger indents” into the box so one can get a good grip on it when carrying-these boxes are so slippery!)

Luckily, even if you do not have loved ones nearby, nor roomies, hopefully you can knock on the door of a neighbor who is more than happy to help.  After all, what is a single, independent woman to do?  Short of paying for delivery, that is.  I have discovered that it is good to ask for help.  It is especially good to know your neighbors.  Good to feel connected.

Next challenge.  Reading those cryptic instruction manuals!  Of yes, these designers do not waste any ink on superfluous details, such as numbering parts.  Not to be daunted by the image of the individual building the item-which is “X-ed” out, and next to this, the image of “two” people building the item, which is apparently o.k., I alone lay out all the pieces, fan out the various hardware bits, and proceed with the greatest of care.  I must add that I was especially stumped with the LIATORP sofa table.  “Wait!  Is this a picture of the short-long piece, or are they asking for the long-long piece?”  Its not clear by the diagram.  Like a puzzle, I move the pieces around, trying to line up the holes.  Smile.  A lesson in diligence and perseverance for sure!

Finally, the outcome makes it all worthwhile.  The satisfaction of seeing the completed product, built aaallll by myself, was worth aaalllll of the effort.  Sure, it would be nice if I had someone who could accompany me to the store and help me do it all….but in fact, I did have help.  I had the help of the friendly IKEA staff and my wonderful neighbor downstairs.  Single but not alone-with a little help, I was able to make it work! Its an IKEA world afterall…


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