Why not…Its never too late

Finally!  After many months of contemplating starting a blog (its about time!), and renewing again and again “How to” books from the library, I finally did it.  How satisfying!  I may be the last person in the world to jump on the ‘Blogging Bandwagon’, but I did it!  Its never too late to create, and I have a feeling that creating is one of womens greatest, and most innate gifts…presentng gifts to their families, their communities, to the world.  Alas, “Creating” is a glorious gift to self, don’t forget!  Whatever it is you have an urge to create-DO IT!  DO IT NOW!  Today is your day to soar…I look forward to hearing about and seeing what others are creating today.  Share your stories, post pics, laugh smile, enjoy, and we will share in your joy with you!

Thank you…

ps- Listening to Songza-talk about creativity, so inspiring


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